Easiest Way to Start a Brand New BPO Call Center

Considering how the marketing industry has evolved as of late, it’s no wonder that BPO Call Centers are some of the most popular “tools” that big name companies want to utilize to get a farther reach than ever before. A ton of big name companies have decided to use small BPO Call Centers in order to get a better grip on a certain region or on a certain country. They’re cheap, easy to use, and most of the time they are a lot more reliable than sending your own staff on foreign land.

Because of this increase in demand, more and more people have decided to start looking into ways to start a brand new BPO Call Center of their own. In this short blog we will be explaining the easiest steps you can take to make sure that your company not only makes all the money you invested in it back, but that it also brings back a tenfold profit.

First of all, you need to choose which category you’ll be focusing on at first. Your company can cover more categories later on, but at the beginning you need to know exactly what you’ll be concentrating on, so you don’t lose focus and end up messing up halfway through. You can choose between the following: inbound calls, telemarketing, outbound calls and last but not least, customer assistance.

Out of all of these you’ll get the most traffic from the inbound and outbound calls. Basically what you need to do in these categories is to take orders from clients, offer answers to their questions or sell a product to a certain buyer that may be interested in it. It is easy to do, so you can hire people with basically no other expertise outside of “chatting skills”. As long as they can handle a long term conversation with a client and they can explain everything there is to explain, they are more than capable of doing this job.

Second of all, make sure that you have the budged for it. The best way to tell if you have enough is to calculate around how much you’d need maximum, and double that amount. It might sound excessive at first, but it is really the only way to tell whether you can handle starting a BPO Call Center or not.

Third of all, investing is key. Make sure that the money goes in the right places, not in the places that anyone else wants the money to be in. For example, your workers want a new coffee machine, which will cost you less than $100. But at the same time, you need to save up to buy some actually important gear that is a lot more expensive. Which do you go for? Well, the right answer is actually neither.

If you cannot buy a certain product then you shouldn’t, and you shouldn’t buy cheap knockoffs either. That coffee machine may sound cheap now, but you may need the money later on. It is a dangerous game to play, but if you want to make sure that you have the money to handle any sort of crisis, you need to make these sacrifices. Don’t buy anything that’s outside of your budget, and don’t waste money on cheap stuff that your workers can go on without.

Last but not least, you need to create opportunities for yourself. Make sure that you take any chance you get and you utilize it properly. Instead of waiting for the offers to just fall on your lap make sure that those will arrive right at your feet. Call other Call Centers and ask them if they outsource their work, call small companies and offer them great deals that they cannot refuse. Starting out is hard, you’ll need to offer a ton of discounts in order to start working, because let’s be honest, nobody’s going to pay you the same amount they’d pay a company that has hundreds upon thousands of reviews. Make sure that you sweeten the deal and that you do an extra good job. That is really the only way you can make sure that your company will make it.


11 thoughts on “Easiest Way to Start a Brand New BPO Call Center

  1. I’ve always loved closing a good deal, and I quite frankly don’t believe I’ve ever closed a more profitable deal in my life. Simply put, they offered exactly what they promised, and more.

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  5. If you want to know my secret, then look no further than Amigo Infoservices Pvt Ltd. They are the reason why I am the man that I am today, and for that I am extremely thankful.

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  6. Companies drop like flies nowadays, which is why companies like Amigo Infoservices Pvt Ltd are so important. They help the small folk stay up and running.

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