Grow Your Business Using Amigo Infoservices

Social networks are the perfect showcase to grow your business on the Internet.

From Amigo Infoservices Facebook, we will not tire of affirming it. Trends change, fashions happen but some tools are essential. Pinterest, Facebook, Google +, Twitter and LinkedIn are the social networks that can become the best allies of your business to promote your company on the network.

Amigo Infoservices Linkedin professional networking does not stop growing. It is a tool that offers multiple business opportunities and helps improve the brand image of many companies. It is the best ally of professionals to attract quality contacts.

Amigo Infoservices Twitter knows very well that caring about your users, interacting with them and offering them relevant content can help you increase followers and customers.

Social media tools:

In them, you will find the perfect showcase for your products, the center of your company on the Internet, an ally for your SEO strategy, the contact agenda and your online communication diary. Still, do not know all the advantages that can offer? Discover them in this infographic of the 5 social networks to make your business grow on the Internet.

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus


With millions of users around the world, Pinterest is one of the social networks of fashion. It works as a catalog of online products and companies bet on this network because it increases their web traffic. In addition, because it is a network of images with great visual power, it works well as an advertising claim.


The queen of social networks. It has billions of active users around the world which make it a powerful online marketing tool. This social network will help increase the visibility of your company and allows you to interact with your customers in different ways, such as organizing contests or sweepstakes.


The bird network has become the online news portal par excellence. We are many who go to Twitter to inform us but also to follow those brands that we like. This network has become a true customer service channel and allows us to get to know our target audience well.

If you want to brighten up your career or looking to expand the business, do not hesitate to get in touch with Amigo Infoservices

Google Plus:

One of the tools that will most help you in the web positioning of your company. Not only is it one of the social networks that get the most interaction, but it also allows you to get in touch with potential customers through tools such as hangouts.

Every day new benefits are discovered for businesses that use social networks as a showcase. Through them you can reach a defined target audience, they are easy to use, accessible and it is also possible to measure their effectiveness. The important thing is to know how to get the most out of them

Therefore, here are 12 essential tips to take into account, rescuing the experience of business owners and experts. Make your SME shine on social networks.

  1. Choose your preferred network and focus:

Everyone has a favorite. If your business is more visual, Instagram is an option. If you produce a lot of daily news and you want everyone to know, Twitter is another alternative. The important thing is that you concentrate on one or two, and so you can do a good job in them.

  1. Be accessible:

You always have to give a contact option to your followers, either your email or your phone.

  1. Give good customer service:

One of the most important strategies in social networks is to strive to “provide a fast and efficient response service”. The idea is that customers can feel safe in their purchase and well taken care of.

  1. Be clear and honest in your communication:

Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the important thing is to promote real things.

  1. Interact with your audience:

It is good to interact with your followers, not only by answering questions about products but of general interest, to help you meet the people who follow your brand to give them a better product and/or service.

  1. Study the best times to post:

Depending on the social network, the ideal time to post may change. For example, uploading a photo of a rich dish close to lunch time always generates good results.

  1. Identify which people are relevant in your labor market:

Discover who are the people who have certain credibility on a topic that your brand develops or will develop. These people are excellent ambassadors of your brand who make them feel as if they were following a friend or family member since the “influencer” is in charge of making the consumer feel part of his life.

  1. Be constant:

If you decide to open and use an account in a social network, it is essential that you do not abandon it. One of the concerns is “above all, to be publishing constantly,” to be always present in the memory of your followers.

  1. Create videos:

Keep in mind that any audiovisual piece you post must be in accordance with the requirements of each social network. According to the experts, one of the main requirements is that it is of short duration (one-minute maximum), regardless of whether the content is of quality or not.

  1. Contract advertising:

Many businesses pay to reach more people, and you can do it too. Social networks are accessible and have segmentation options that help you reach your goal easily. The most popular example is Mark Zuckerberg’s network. On Facebook there are millions of users around the world, so you get to practice the whole country.

  1. Meet the new platforms:

While businesses tend to prefer Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Snapchat captivated millions of users in recent years and some brands have dared to be part of it.

  1. Identify what you want to convey to your brand:

Analyze what you want your customers to feel when using your products and services. Get connected directly with an image or with a phrase that identifies you and distinguishes between your competitors.

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