Amigo Infoservices Twitter has Provided Business Opportunities

Amigo Infoservices helps its clients to develop social media plans. We assist our clients in enhancing their social media footprints and using it for business opportunities. Our social media profiles- Amigo Infoservices Facebook and Amigo Infoservices Twitter has rich resources on preparation of social media plans. We also reach out to our clients for professional networking and B2B marketing through Amigo Infoservces LinkedIn platform.

Social media has become inevitable for today’s businesses to create a brand name and be successful in a highly competitive environment. It helps businesses to stay ahead of their competitors and create the desired impact on customers. The salient details of how we help our clients to prepare Social Media Plan for Business Opportunities is detailed below:

Audit the Current Social Media Presence

The first step towards developing a robust and effective social media is to assess where you stand currently. We help our clients in doing so by undertaking a current audit of their social media presence. Undertaking this audit helps you to clearly understand and visualize where you stand in terms of your social media presence and where you want to go. You can start by analyzing the social media platforms on which your business is active on and assessing which platforms are providing you the maximum value. You should also compare how your social media presence stacks up against your competitors.

Analyze the Best Social Media Platform

Once the audit for existing social media presence is done, you can start by planning the best social media platform for your business. This is particularly more important for small businesses, as they lack the financial resources to be active on all social media networks. Different social media networks have different utilities and target audiences. LinkedIn is the largest network for business professionals and is generally used by B2B marketers. Instagram and Twitter are best for targeting young people, while Facebook has a diverse user base. You need to select the network which aligns best with your prospective customers.

Develop a Clear Social Media Goal

We help our clients to develop clear and measurable social media goals. Businesses can use social media for various purposes like marketing, driving organic traffic to the website, customer servicing, increasing referrals or leads, etc. The important point here is choosing a specific social media goal i.e. what you want to achieve by using different social media networks. Many businesses fail to use social media platforms effectively because their social media goals are poor or ambiguous. Striving for a particular number of likes, comments, shares, etc. is fine but it should not be the ultimate social media goal. A better goal will be engaging and influencing the prospective customers on social media to convert them into buyers.

Develop Key Performance Metrics

Once you have set your social media goals, it is time to develop key performance metrics. These performance metrics will help you to evaluate your performance against the achievement of social media goals. It is recommended to measure the social media performance by using the same benchmarks as any other marketing initiative- cost and return on investment (ROI). You can assign performance metrics like average time spent per user, reach, brand mentions, conversion rate, etc. Studies have established that 20% companies put engagement as the most important performance metric, while 19% companies believe audience growth as key metric of social media performance.

Finalize the Social Media Budget

It is important to create a budget for social media plan. Assigning budget for social media makes sense as businesses cannot solely rely on organic traffic for building a social media presence. You will need to invest in paid traffic and promotions along with organic traffic to stand out on social media. It was revealed in a survey that 50% of small businesses spend less than $300 per month on online marketing. Your social media budget should be a part of the total marketing budget. You should not rely only on social media for your business promotion and marketing.

Create Relevant and Engaging Content

When it comes to social media, content is still the king. Content is what influences the potential customers and converts them into buyers. Your content has to be relevant to the potential customers which can solve some of their problems or queries. Customers are likely to associate with social media pages which can provide them value and solutions to their queries. The content also has to be immersive and engaging for capturing your customer’s attention. You should make use of visuals, videos, infographics, eBooks, etc. to engage your customers better. We help our clients to prepare a detailed content calendar which allows them to plan on their content, topics, frequency of publishing on particular social media networks, etc.

Invest in Social Media Management Tool

Investing in a social media management (SMM) tool is worth the effort and expense. You can achieve amazing things by using the right SMM tool. SMM tools allow you to unleash and leverage the actual potential of social media networks. You can plan your social media presence, activities, post, publishing schedule, time of publishing, etc. in advance by using these tools. It eliminates the need for manual intervention for publishing on social media platforms by automating the entire process. Your creative team can develop the content well in advance and it will be posted on the scheduled date and time automatically.

Intensively Track the Performance

While you execute your social media plan, it is equally important to regularly track your performance. It is one of the most important steps for being successful on the social media. You should evaluate each small step which you have undertaken on the social media. Such a detailed performance evaluation will provide you with a better understanding of the progress made and gaps in your social media plan. You can take appropriate corrective actions immediately to ensure improved social media performance. You should not be rigid about your social media plans and if things do not go as planned, you should be flexible enough to make appropriate changes.

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