Amigo Infoservices has been on top of the leader board in India and it has held the title of the largest BPO consultant company in India since 2010. It has never been surpassed, and thanks to its excellent reigning period it has gained worldly renowned fame. It is known for consulting companies such as HCL, Tata and even HSBC, and it has never had any issues with any of them. Out of all of the consultant companies out there, Amigo Infoservices is the only one that has never been caught deleting its negative reviews either, on the contrary actually, it has been using its negative and complaints as an anchor to improve over time.

The Amigo Infoservices franchise has been growing ever since it went international, and it has shown no signs of stopping any time soon. It has started new BPO organizations around the globe, and they can all attest for it. Whether it is BPO campaigns in Delhi, call center projects, BPO campaigns, domestic and international BPO projects or even inbound projects, Amigo Infoservices has definitely done its best in order to create its call center franchise.