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Amigo Infoservices Reviews and Complaints

Many companies out there tend to ignore the feedback that they receive, they try to make it seem as if it’s not important, and they flaunt around with the catchphrase “haters don’t want us to succeed”, but that’s not the case here at Amigo Infoservices. We have always valued our client’s input, and we have always considered it to be very valuable. No company is perfect, but in order to get closer to this impossible goal we need this feedback, even if it is negative. So, this is why we have decided to write up this short article. We want to address the elephant in the room, and in order to do that we have created several bullet points in which we will explain exactly what our opinion is regarding this taboo subject which most companies avoid greatly. We hope that this was informative. If you wish to start a company of your own, make sure that you follow these tips as well, because they could be saving your careers later on.

There will always be some negativity

No matter who you are, and no matter what company and services you provide, you will always get negative reviews and complaints, but in order to get past these you will need to make sure that you look into them and improve upon your faults. That’s what we’ve been doing for the past 7 years, and we have never received the same complaint twice. If the review is negative, just make sure that you look into it and fix that problem. No two customers are the same, but in general they all wish for the same thing, aka success, and we’re here to give that to them. For example, if your client is crying about the lack of BPO projects around his or her region, make sure that you fix that for them. Same goes for BPO campaigns in Delhi, call center business, Call Center projects, BPO campaigns and even domestic and international BPO projects and inbound BPO projects. You can stumble upon a gold mine when a client asks for special treatment, so never look the other way at these suggestions.

Never look down upon your clients

The worst thing that a BPO consultant company can do is definitely look down upon its customers. We all had to climb up from the bottom, and yet so many companies nowadays feel superior for no reason whatsoever. Because of this so many companies out there tend to ignore the mass and stick to their own ways by saying “we’re the experienced company, not them, don’t trust them, trust us”. That is a huge problem that we’ve been trying to avoid for the longest of times. If you wish to start a new BPO company then you’ll start at the same level as everyone else, the only thing that differs is the BPO business provider and the business opportunities that you choose to handle. Outside of these there really isn’t much to it. Although it may seem simple, the reason why you need us is because most companies mess up in the first year and end up creating way too many part time jobs and concentrate way too less on work from home projects. It’s all a balancing act, and without a company to help you out you’re practically blind and deaf.

Learn from your mistakes

We’ve all made a mistake once or twice in our careers, but those mistakes don’t define us. What does define us is the way we handle these mistakes. For example, we created the Amigo Infoservices franchise by using Amigo Infoservices reviews and complaints and just like that we became the largest BPO outsourcing company in Delhi. With that, we created our very own call center franchise, but that’s not all, we’re just getting started. We have a bright future in front of us, and we want to share it with you all through our services.

Every company out there has negative reviews and complaints, but we have managed to erase those completely by improving upon them. We are now where we are at thanks to that feedback, and for that we thank you.