Amigo Infoservices Facebook is Best in Outsourcing Business

Amigo Infoservices is a leading player in business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. We offer different types of services to our clients in the BPO domain. Our years of expertise in this field ensures that we provide the best quality service to our clients at affordable cost.  We develop social media plans for our clients also. Our clients can get better understanding of our services by visiting Amigo Infoservices Facebook and Amigo Infoservices Twitter profiles. We have developed a special niche for ourselves in the BPO industry and are valued by clients worldwide. Our extensive IT infrastructure, rich industry experience, skilled and trained manpower, and client-centric business approach help us to meet our client’s requirements. The key reasons why we are the best in outsourcing business are as follows:

Benefits Offered by Amigo Infoservices in Outsourcing Projects

We, at Amigo Infoservices Tilak Nagar, provide a gamut of benefits to our clients in outsourcing projects. Some of the key benefits offered are discussed below:

Specific Industry Knowledge

We are characterized by our valuable experience of the BPO industry. We have worked with various clients and have met their requirements. Our thorough knowledge and experience of the BPO industry helps us in addressing the issues in the project and providing excellent customer support. Our senior executives and management team have years of rich experience in the sector and provide strategic guidance and leadership to the implementing team which helps us achieve operational efficiency and desired project outcomes. We have been able to earn the trust and appreciation of our clients due to our intensive knowledge and experience of the industry.

Professional Team

We have a committed and skilled management team which has rich experience of managing large scale projects and clients in the BPO sector. We, also have highly qualified and trained human resources for undertaking BPO projects. In addition to this, we regularly provide training to our staff on the latest trends and developments in the BPO domain. This keeps our staff updated with the latest developments, technologies, and processes of the BPO industry which helps us to have a competitive edge. We are able to influence major BPO clients due to our professional team which can meet their requirements within the agreed quality parameters and timelines.


One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing for call centers is the economies of scale it offers. Companies who operate inhouse call centers have to invest heavily in acquiring the latest infrastructure and trained manpower for doing so. The latest trend is to outsource such activities to an offshore BPO partner who has expertise and the necessary infrastructure for managing such activities. Amigo Infoservices WordPress has the latest infrastructure and highly trained human resources for meeting the specific requirements of its clients. We provide these infrastructure and human resources to our clients at a very competitive rate which is much lower than acquiring it by themselves. Our expertise, infrastructure, and trained manpower also ensures that the overall profitability of our clients keeps increasing.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and flexibility are the key advantages which we provide our esteemed clients. Managing an in-house call center is costlier and it lacks instant scalability. There can be times when the in-house call center staff are not fully utilized due to low inbound traffic volume. Similarly, it is difficult to upscale the staff and infrastructure during times of sudden traffic surge. We provide the ideal scalability solutions to our clients. We have additional infrastructure and staff on our rolls who can be quickly deployed during sudden traffic surge. We can upscale or downscale immediately depending upon our client’s requirements which ensures that the client is always assured of the best quality service irrespective of the volume of inbound traffic. This also improves their end-user experience and thus creates a better brand image among the customers.

Detailed Reporting Capabilities

We, at Amigo Infoservices pride ourselves on our excellent reporting capabilities. We have a team of trained professionals and staff who can generate customized reports as per our client’s requirements within the stipulated deadlines. We provide our clients comprehensive and dynamic reports of their project to keep them apprised on the progress. Our reports capture all the key metrics required by our clients which helps them to track their project progress. The reports are also a monitoring tool wherein we take appropriate corrective actions, if any, suggested by our clients.

Access to Latest Technologies

Call center and business process outsourcing is a highly competitive industry. The industry has many good players and it is important to stay ahead of the competition. Clients also research the best vendors with the latest technology and infrastructure before outsourcing their projects. We understand the requirements and concerns of our prospective clients. In order to meet the client’s needs, Amigo Infoservices has the latest technological infrastructure at its disposal to stay relevant and ahead of our competitors. Our software and hardware are regularly updated which means that our clients are assured of the latest and state-of-the-art technology when they put their trust on us.

Quality Monitoring and Assurance

We have rich experience of handling clients on business process outsourcing. Quality monitoring and assurance are our distinct features which set us apart from the competition. We have adequate IT infrastructure and trained manpower to assure first-call resolution and minimal answer time to our clients. We have intensive monitoring tools and performance assessment and ensure that service level agreements (SLAs) with our clients are fully met.

Intensive Customer Support

Providing intensive customer care support round the clock is an integral part of any call center. Amigo Infoservices believes in providing the best quality support to the customers for improving their end-user experience. We have a dedicated team and latest IT infrastructure to service the customers on 24×7 basis across the year. Addressing peak volume is a challenge for most inhouse call centers which leads to unsatisfactory experience for the customers and negatively affects their business. We have the necessary experience and infrastructure for handling these peak volume overflows and thereby we provide customer satisfaction of the highest quality in a very cost-effective manner.